Centro Optico has a proud history providing eyecare to the Gibraltarian community for a landmark 25 years.
During these 25 years, the premises at the ICC have seen many changes, as we have sought to move with the times, and keep our practice up- to-date, but the one thing that has never changed, is our resolve to provide quality eyecare, and an all-encompassing selection of eyewear to the community.
Our focus now, as always, is ensuring a professional service, from the moment you walk in to our establishment, to the moment you leave.
Our service however doesn’t end here, as we pride ourselves on our aftercare service, both for our contact lens wearers, and spectacle users alike.
Our UK trained, and registered optometrists will ensure every aspect of your ocular wellbeing is catered for.
Your visual status will be established, using tried and tested visual assessment techniques, and our findings will be explained to you in a way you can understand.
All aspects of visual correction will be discussed, including contact lenses and spectacles.
Your ocular health is our priority, and we don’t cut corners when checking the health of your eyes. This is absolutely the most important part of your eye examination. We are qualified to identify eye diseases or anomalies, and decide on the appropriate course of action.
Any issues regarding the health of your eyes will be discussed with you, and your future eyecare recommendations will be made.
When it comes to choosing spectacles, our experienced team will guide you along, with recommendations and any advice you may need.
We have access to the most advanced lenses, from varifocals or progressives, to reactolite lenses, as well as cosmetically superior thinned lenses for higher prescriptions.
If you have never visited Centro Optico, then please take this opportunity, on our 25th anniversary, to visit us, and see how eyecare should be delivered.
If you are one of our many valued and respected patients, who already rely on us for your eyecare requirements, a big thank you for your continued support and confidence.
We look forward to offering you many fabulous offers and deals in this, our 25th anniversary year.

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